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Scaled a brand to ₹5+ Crore in net Revenue

Niche: Men’s Clothing

Results : By using the right strategies and proper scaling methods, along with a tailored approach that fit their business goals, we were able to cross the ₹5 Crores in revenue target for their business through our targeted Facebook ad campaigns. This achievement is a testament to the power of a well-planned paid marketing strategy and a strong client-agency partnership.

Scaled this brand to ₹6.5+ Crores in Just 6 Months

Niche: Women's Clothing

Results: This client was facing a drop in ROAS while scaling, they came to us after burning money consistently with current and past strategies. They couldn't scale profitably, their major concern was to maintain the ROAS while increasing the budgets. They came to us via reference, once they learned about our offer and track record, they wanted to give it another shot. The client deals into female apparel brand that was focused on sustainability from the start. Before partnering with us, their store was seeing a constant rise in the cost of acquiring customers making them loose money month on month. Within the first 6 months of working with Scaling Wolves, we were able to generate ₹6.5 Crores in revenue. We helped this client dial in their sales funnel, increase their customer retention by 25% and also gave a slight boost to the Average Order Value i.e. ₹2000.

Scaled this brand to ₹88 lakhs+ in Just 3 Months

Niche: Women's Cosmetic

Results: The brand is a cosmetic brand for women's that deals majorly into fragrances. With our efforts, the brand was able to recover their losses incurred by their previous agencies and catch they eyeballs of many influencers that started collaborating from them. The collective efforts with their + our team got them back on high profitability track which was dropping consistently before partnering with us. Something beyond just revenue, their brand positioning was crafted very diligently for the ads which amplified their USPs and help connect with the audience emotionally. The brand is well on its ways to start scaling aggressively to aim for ₹1 Cr. monthly revenue.

Scaled this brand to ₹1.75 Crores in Just 4 Months

Niche: Men's Accessories

Results: This client owns an established eyewear e-commerce brand. But they couldn’t scale, no matter how hard they tried. They weren’t creating relevant ads for their target audience. When they first reached out to us, looking at their strong brand presence & speaking to them about their challenges, we understood the bottlenecks and created a strategy to promote relevant ads with eye-grabbing copy around their brand. We then used consolidated campaign structure to generate quality in traffic and deliver results. Starting off with a small budget, we 10x their profits in one month! We continued this strategy through the next 3 months, aggressively generating more quality content, and scaled the business higher than they could imagine. Their brand's revenue jumped from ₹6 Lakhs to ₹56 Lakhs+ within 4 months of working with us. All this was possible because we leveraged the advantages of using paid traffic and ran ad campaigns specific to the target audience. Once we figured out what was working well for us and understood what kind of ads was converting well, we perfected our ads and created multiple ads across the funnel. They saw even better results.

Scaled this brand to ₹7.38 Crores in Just 3 Months

Niche: Men's Apparel

Results: We recently partnered with one of the apparel brand that sells theme based products. Their sales volume was huge enough. They were doing good, but the ROAS was on the dropping side, they didn’t experience consistent, predictable growth. When we onboarded this client, we understood the product and their brand inside out. We then started testing out multiple creatives and copy combinations focusing on their brands emotion. We positioned their products as the only solution to their needs. Ad copies & creative with certain emotional angles clubbed with offers worked very well for them. Also, we set up a solid retargeting funnel focusing on their brand image & irresistible offers. This helped us increase their profits and set up cross-sells and upsells with DPAs (Dynamic Product Ads). With our help, they quickly scaled to ₹7.38 Crores with a 8+ ROAS in the Q3 this year! They are now on track to scaling past ₹3 Crores+ per month consistently with us.

Clocked a Revenue of ₹28 lakhs In Just 1 Day

Niche: Fast Fashion

Results: The client is a premium clothing brand with one label as their men’s range and another label as their women’s range. They only sell via their website throughout India. This happened on the last day of Black Friday Sale this year. From just the first month of working with us, the brand’s revenue increased by over 788% and it brought 6x+ return on marketing spends for the period. We crafted the perfect offer and tapped in all the past customers well, we had a returning customer rate of over 35% on that day. We've scaled this brand with a consistent 25% MOM Increase in revenue. Over all, in about 6 months, the brand has added ₹10Cr in revenue just through our marketing efforts. The monthly active users count increased by 700%+ as compared to previous quarter (Q3 vs Q2).