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Scaling Wolves exists to help D2C Brands scale to the Moon!


We make the most of Meta’s machine learning by creating a consolidated structure. We cut down on unnecessary expenses, shorten the Learning Phase, and reduce the risk of mistakes.

If you're spending inadequately, or constantly shutting down and launching new campaigns We guarantee stability and efficiency through our methods.

Facebook Ad Agency: Consolidated Campaign Structure


Almost every brand faces issues while scaling, Increasing cost and decreasing ROAS.

We don’t just run ads for you, we analyze and optimize the ads so that every penny is profitable.

If you’re struggling to scale your ads profitably, we will help you scale those ads while maintaining your profitably, period.

Facebook Ad Agency: Consolidated Campaign Structure

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Success Stories

Sanjay Jenkins, Director of Ecommerce at Buff City Soap

Niche: Men’s Clothing

Results: This brand was started in Dec 2021, and we started working with them in Feb 2022. While partnering with us, the business was doing approx. ₹50k/day revenue, and currently we clock ₹15 Lacs/day in revenue, acquiring customers at 82% more profitability than before. The better part is, that due to aggressive scaling, the brand had to expand its production capacity, and with our support, they were able to successfully upgrade to a 4 times bigger production facility.

Sanjay Jenkins, Director of Ecommerce at Buff City Soap

Niche:Women's Clothing

Results: This client was facing a drop in ROAS while scaling, they came to us after burning money consistently with current and past strategies. They couldn't scale profitably, their major concern was to maintain the ROAS while increasing the budgets. The client deals with female apparel that was focused on sustainability from the start. Before partnering with us, their store was seeing a constant rise in the cost of acquiring customers, making them lose money monthly. Within the first 6 months of working with Scaling Wolves, we were able to generate ₹6.5 Crores in revenue.

Sanjay Jenkins, Director of Ecommerce at Buff City Soap

Niche: Women's Fast Fashion

Results: This is the story of a Fast Fashion brand for women and targets the Genz audience primarily. With our efforts, the brand was able to recover the losses incurred by their previous agencies and catch the eyeballs of many influencers who started collaborating with them. The collective efforts with their + our team got them back on a high profitability track which was dropping consistently before partnering with us. The brand is well on its way to consistent & aggressive scaling to aim for ₹3 Cr/month in revenue.

Sanjay Jenkins, Director of Ecommerce at Buff City Soap

Niche:Women’s Luxury Fashion

Results: This is a luxury clothing brand based out of the US. They only sell via their website throughout the US. From just the first month of working with us, the brand’s revenue increased by over 788% and it brought 6x+ return on marketing spends for the period. We've scaled this brand with a consistent 25% MOM Increase in revenue. Overall, in about 8 months, the brand has added $181,000in revenue through our marketing efforts.

Sanjay Jenkins, Director of Ecommerce at Buff City Soap

Niche: Women’s Jewellery

Results: We scaled this jewelry brand to ₹2.2 Crores last year. When we partnered with them they were just starting and had changed a few agencies, but got no results. We onboarded them and started working on making compelling ads from different angles to appeal to both males and females. For men, we focused on the gifting angle which turned out to be a banger. Currently, we’re at a monthly run rate of ₹18 Lacs, and we’re constantly scaling it.

Sanjay Jenkins, Director of Ecommerce at Buff City Soap

Niche: Men’s Watch

Results: This client owns an established Men’s Watch brand. But they couldn’t scale, no matter how hard they tried. We crafted compelling ads with different hooks and tested them vigorously, and as we found winners we scaled them instantly. Once we figured out what was working well for us and understood what kind of ads were converting well, we perfected our ads and created multiple ads across the funnel. Their brand's revenue jumped from ₹2.5 Lacs/month to ₹9 Lacs/month + within 4 months of working with us. Unfortunately, we had to scale down due to stock issues.

Sanjay Jenkins, Director of Ecommerce at Buff City Soap

Niche: Kids Wear

Results: We recently scaled a kid's wear brand that sells theme-based apparel. Their sales volume was huge enough. They were doing good, but the ROAS was on the dropping side. We then started testing out multiple creatives and copy combinations focusing on their brand's emotions. Ad copies & creative with certain emotional angles clubbed with offers worked very well for them. With our help, they quickly scaled to ₹84 Lacs with a 5+ ROAS in just 5 months!

Sanjay Jenkins, Director of Ecommerce at Buff City Soap

Niche:Men's Accessories

Results: This client is an eyewear brand. We started from scratch 6 months back, and now we’re doing an average of ₹10 Lacs per month. We understood the brand and created a strategy to promote relevant ads with eye-grabbing copy around the brand. We then used a consolidated campaign structure to generate quality traffic and deliver results. Starting with a small budget, we 5x their profits in just 3 months! We’re on to the scaling phase now, and looking to hit ₹1 crore mark in the next few months.

We start with FREE Facebook ad account audit to find out if we’re the right agency.

We provide you with a detailed checklist that reveals the most common mistakes holding your brand back from scaling — as well as the biggest opportunities…

Sanjay Jenkins, Director of Ecommerce at Buff City Soap

  • Ad Account Hygeine: Correct Pixel connected with the account and Catalog Manager, events getting triggered accurately
  • Account Structure: All bidding strategies used, Right amount of budgets allocated to the ad sets, audience consolidation, creative testing, cost caps & bid caps set by AOV
  • Audience Targeting: Prospecting vs remarketing, proper exclusions, automatic/manual placements, plus regional and demographic testing
  • Daily Optimization: Conversion campaigns optimized for as per the data, bidding aligned with the funnel, landing pages, and profitability
  • Attribution: Click vs view deltas alongside to determine your account’s delayed attribution multiplier (DAM)
  • Creative: Copy, content, ad format, and sizing; plus, baseline AIDA metrics to establish effectiveness stage-by-stage
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